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Hey, I'm Katie! I'm 5'4 & a half with 100% natural red hair (yes the carpet matches the drapes lol). I love adventures of all kinds, and I'd love to meet you! I'm guessing you're a great guy who just need some time out to relax, feel amazing, and have fun. I'd love to give you a night of exotic fun and adventure that's exactly what you want it to be. I'm very adventurous and easygoing and love to just have a good time. All I want is to make you feel adored and appreciated and completely turned on! I want to give you that floating-on-air feeling where you've found exactly what you're looking for. (And if you're not sure what you're looking for, I'm pretty good at guessing ;)


Katie Mae


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jimmy (02.18.2014)
You\'re the world to me--
there\'s no one quite like you.
You\'re the one I love,
the one I want to touch.
I give you my heart,
and I need you so much.
Offer me your sweet caresses;
fill me with your wonderful light;
soothe my aching heart;
and hold me through the night.
The mere sound of your voice
summons deep emotion within
Like an old familiar song
like the comfort of a friend.
When you\'re near,
I\'m lost to thoughts of love
as you touch me with a magic
that\'s as grand as stars above.
I want to hold your hand.
I hunger for your kiss.
Offer me sweet tidings
of true love\'s tender bliss.
I promise our love shall soar,
carried on the wings of a dove.
So give me your heart,
and bless me with your love.
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